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Welcome to Officina Economica

Officina Economica Studio Associato specialised in economic, financial and quantitative analysis services to support litigation and arbitration, in civil, antitrust and regulatory proceedings.

Tailor-Made Corporate Consultancy

We offer a highly customised service
of case analysis, in order to jointly build the most suitable economic strategy
and outlining all the necessary
elements to implement it.

Creative Approach

Our approach considers different perspectives - combining accounting and financial analysis of the corporate with analysis of the market and other competitors – thus integrating economic, financial and statistical analysis.

Timeliness and

Quick response time to client's
needs: each 'product' is conceived
and entirely processed by
professionals with over
15 years of experience.


Antitrust Litigation

We are able to clarify - together with legal advisors - the most complex economic aspects, before national antitrust authorities, administrative judges and civil justice.

Civil Litigation

We have all the expertise to address issues from different perspectives and using a variety of methods according to each individual case of civil litigation.

Commercial Litigation

We have consolidated experience in sectors subject to administrative regulation, and we supported many corporates both in their interaction with the sector authorities and in administrative litigation before the Italian Regional Administrative Court (TAR) and the Italian Council of State (Consiglio di Stato).

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About us

Our skills to support
legal firms

SWe are able to work closely with legal advisors to assist clients in regulatory issues of any kind.


Our team of chartered accountants has a specific experience in damage assessment and antitrust advice.

Clarity and

It is important to us that technical issues we deal with are presented clearly and adequately so that they can be understood even by people with a non-economic background.


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Chartered Accountant

Since her graduation thesis, written under the direction of Professor Luigi Prosperetti, she has been specialising in antitrust and competition, particularly in the energy, pharmaceutical and postal sectors.

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Chartered Accountant

He deals with quantifying damages within corporate litigation and during antitrust proceedings, in the most different sectors: from public procurement to consumer goods.

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She has been working thoroughly for over 15 years on antitrust and economics applied to civil litigation, particularly in telecommunications, media and luxury goods sectors.

Officina Economica:

Civil litigations
Antitrust proceeding
consulting services to Regulatory Authorities

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